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The Melton Residence

When Ms. Melton purchased her home, she was unaware of the past issues with flooding. A nearby creek would flood during heavy rainfall and flood water would head right towards Ms. Melton’s home and business that sits directly behind her house. Frustrated after flooding multiple times, Ms. Melton contacted our team and we provided a flood risk analysis to determine that Diluvium was the proper flood protection she needed. 450 linear ft. at a protection height of 4 ft. was needed to surround her property. With this particular application, we needed a way to handle any potential rainfall beyond the flood protection wall and runoff from the buildings. Our partners at Godwin Pumps staged the two pumps needed for that application, and after an easy install of Diluvium, Ms. Melton now has peace of mind knowing her home and business are protected.

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Monroe, NC


Custom Perimeter Flood Barriers + Flood Pumps

Flood Protection



Diluvium Barrier and Godwin Pumps q

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