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The Yard Bally's

Before you pass go and collect your $200, be sure to check out this protected biergarten located at the world famous corner of Boardwalk and Park Place in Atlantic City! The Yard at Bally’s Hotel & Casino was one of the more tricky projects has been involved with due to the custom glass and steel structure we needed to protect. Working hand-in-hand with the Architect, Structure Manufacturer, and General Contractor, was able to design a custom FRA Flood Panel barrier system to wrap the entire structure and protect it up to 4' high. This project also required custom gaskets and mounting brackets that have never been done before. Now visitors to the historic hotel and casino can enjoy this new entertainment space while Bally’s can rest easy knowing their investment is protected from future floods!

Completion Year 



Atlantic City, NJ


Custom Window + Door Flood Barriers

Flood Protection



FRA Flood Panels (50)

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