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Vicinity Energy

They say it’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, but try telling that to the Philly locals when the Schuylkill River is cresting its banks! Just a hundred yards from the river sits Vicinity Energy. It is a power generation plant which makes it a critical piece of infrastructure for the residents and businesses of Philadelphia. After the flooding caused by Hurricane Ida, the risk managers at the plant consulted with their GC and tasked them with finding a solution to their flooding issues. Thanks to past projects together, that GC exclusively uses for all their flood barrier needs and trusted our judgement in utilizing the Flood Logs. The Flood Logs were perfect for this project due to their high strength, superior durability, quick deployment, and small storage requirement. This is a solution we are happy to see in Philadelphia and growing across the entire country!

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Flood Logs


Philadelphia, PA

Flood Protection



Flood Logs

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