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Commercial Flood Doors

There is a wide variety of commercial flood door options depending on the site requirements and protection needs.  Whether a pedestrian egress door or a larger-scale door or hatch, these door flood barriers can operate regularly or be used as part of a flood protection plan. Pedestrian flood doors can quickly transform into a sealed flood barrier when activated, giving them minimal design impact. Custom Flood Gates and Doors can also be used to seal off large entrances like tunnels and garages, and watertight hatches can be raised or flushed to meet design needs. 

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Pedestrian flood doors are a practical solution for protecting buildings against flood damage. These doors look and operate like regular doors, but when activated, they transform into a sealed flood barrier. They are hydrostatically tested up to 6 feet and are typically used as egress doors, in mechanical and electrical rooms, and for critical infrastructure protection. The powder coat paint options available for these doors make them blend seamlessly with the design of the building. 



Custom industrial flood gates and doors are heavy-duty, engineered flood protection systems designed for industrial level flood protection. These flood protection systems are typically used in government projects, power plants, and manufacturing facilities. These flood gates and doors are fully customizable to fit any project and can be manual, powered, or fully automatic. With these options, they provide the necessary protection against flooding while ensuring easy access and egress for personnel and equipment. 

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