12/9 - Procrastinator Week - Day 4: Surveyor Flood Training

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Thu Dec 09 2021 20:00:00 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)


Risk Reduction Plus Group

12/9 - Procrastinator Week - Day 4: Surveyor Flood Training


Tyler Ardron, CFM, LIA

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Non-credited: Educational Only

About the Course

This educational webinar will provide knowledge & information on the following:

• Review the NFIP extension and what’s in store
• Explain how the NFIP rates the flood risk for a property using the Elevation Certificate. We will identify what sections of the Elevation Certificate are most critical when rating risk and how to use the notes section to cover everything you’re observing. During this section we will play the role of a Floodplain Manager to understand how they will be using the Elevation Certificate to ensure compliance with their Floodplain Ordinance.
• Completing the Elevation Certificate accurately with a review of how to choose the right building diagram using section C and examples. How to document flood vents with a review of compliant vs noncompliant openings and FEMA’s Technical Bulletin 1. Examples of incorrectly completed Elevation Certificates will be used to illustrate completeness and compliance.
• Utilizing actual case studies, participants will be educated on how to review an Elevation Certificate and identify flood mitigation solutions that can bring a property into NFIP compliance and the effects it will have on the NFIP premium