3/24 - The Advancements of Window Systems and Specialty Oversized Impact and Fire Rated Windows and Skylights

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Wed Mar 24 2021 19:00:00 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)




Brian Johnson, CFM

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Credit: 1 AIA-HSW
AIA Provider #: 404109109
AIA Program #: FEN-0005

About the Course

Floodproofing.com has partnered with FENEX to develop and bring to market Floodproof Windows tested to ANSI 2510. The technology of the glass industry is evolving rapidly as natural disaster threats increase, terroristic concerns continue to be significant, and the design community continues to push the limits of what is possible. This course will cover the evolution of glass over the past 5 years, a new generation of specialty windows and skylights which offer the ability to passively withstand impact, fire, and extreme conditions, as well as push the limits of size as it pertains to oversized applications. Upon completion of this course, the participants will have a thorough understanding of the new applications and specifications for oversized, impact, fire rated and specialty window systems and skylights that can be applied today in the rapidly evolving construction industry.

We will:

1. Explore the pre-existing interlayer technology and look at the advancements with the new innovations being used to push the limits of size and strength.
2. Identify the different types of framing materials and extrusions as well as finishes to create rated windows and skylights.
3. Explain the different sealants that are being used to create window systems vs. new emerging products being used in oversized specialty & impact windows and skylights.
4. Understand the applications for these new systems and how their passive nature can provide organic protection eliminating the need for human intervention during a potential precarious circumstance.

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