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Credit Island Lodge

Credit Island Lodge was built in 1922 to serve as a clubhouse for the golf course at Credit Island Park. Since then, it has been home of countless community events, weddings, and social gatherings for
many Iowa residents and their families. In 2013, a fire ignited, and due to the dry floodproofing they had deployed, fire trucks had limited access to the
building. The lodge was destroyed, but luckily it was able to stay standing, and 2 years later, SMART VENT® Flood Vents were installed. Flood Vents ensured it would continue to stay standing in the event of a flood and does not limit the access the firefighters endured in 2013.

Completion Year



Wet Floodproofing


 (42) 1540-520 Insulated Flood Vents & Flood Vent Sealing Kits


Davenport, IA

Flood Protection

8,300 sq. ft.


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