Glass Flood Barriers has partnered with Fenex to bring these innovative products to the industry.

Oversized Impact & Flood Window

The Oversized Impact & Flood Window can clear up to 132 sq. ft. and 288 sq. ft. with site-specific approvals. This curved, low-iron glass can be created into any possible shape. It is potentially used in condo & hotel lobbies, storefronts, restaurants, theme parks, and more. As creative masters in window products, FENEX proudly offers exceptional products and superior installation services. FENEX leads the industry in special windows, aluminium cladding, and oversized skylights. 


Curved sizes: 12' W x 39' H at 45° and 11' W x 16.5' H at 90°

Low-Iron glass available to maximize the quality of view
Can be installed with no jam anchor

Glass option monolithic or insulated option
High design pressure +/- 120
Frames available in aluminium or stainless steel
Finishes available to meet 
AAMA 2604 or AAMA 2605
Stainless steel frame finish available in 316 brush or mirror

Available with custom print on glass



Glass Flood Wall

The Glass Flood Wall is a passive system with a unique design and multiple options. It's always ready and requires no installation before a storm. This barrier can be used for hospitality, government, or commercial buildings near any water or flood source. FENEX proudly offers exceptional products and superior quality.


No storage required
No installation or deployment need before a flood event

Does not interfere with walkways

Tested for 4' of water  (FM 2510 section 4.2.2)

Unique design with multiple options

Can be used as a fence in front of a beach lot

Available with custom printing on glass



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