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Passive Flood Barriers

Flood barriers that automatically deploy without human intervention or power.


An automatic flood barrier that has been protecting vulnerable flood paths for public institutions + private sector businesses since 2002.



A horizontal lift barrier that utilizes flood water to lift itself into position and seals off a building opening during flooding.

SCFB Straight.png


Flood Logs are a modular system designed to withstand high-velocity water loads, as well as being highly resistant to heavy impact forces, and is particularly applicable to hurricane-prone locations. They can be installed across specific openings or as a perimeter defense. 


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Impact-rated and passive floodproof window and wall systems tested to ANSI/FM 2510 standards.

Floodproof Window

Impact-rated, floodproof windows provide clarity, beauty, + passive protection at all times.

Flood Window (1).png

Glass Flood Wall

Hurricane + impact-rated passive, glass flood walls that provide clarity, beauty, + passive protection at all times.

Flood Wall_Cutout_Short.png
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