Passive Flood Barriers has partnered with Water Stop! & SCFB to bring these innovative products to the industry.

Water Stop!

For sealing off buildings threatened by large amounts of water (e.g. cellars, underground garages, company buildings) due to flooding, thaw or rainfall use the patented anhamm spillbarrier as a flood barrier. The flood wall automatically lifts itself into position to seal off the opening from flood water once the water basin is filled and reaches overcapacity.


Low Costs

Low maintenance costs due to mechanical system. Maintenance is easy and quick. No operating costs. The barrier is always ready-to-use and can be re-activated by simply closing it again.


Only high quality material is used. Stainless steel and PTFE gaskets ensure the highest possible durability.

FM Approved

FM Approval According to ANSI 2510

No External Energy

The barrier works completely independent. No connections to power, sensors or anything else are required.

Always Ready

The barrier is always ready to use. It does not need to be activated or manual attention.

Spring Mechanism

Automatic spring support for fast activation



The Anhamm barrier is delivered in one single unit and is positioned in the ground pit. After the barrier is adjusted to the correct position, the piers of the unit are bolted to the wall on either side. Next, mortar is poured into the recess beneath and surround the unit. The Anhamm design does not not need any external power supply or any other external connection. No switchgear cabinets or similar installations are needed.

Maintenance-Free Simplicity

The key to Anhamm Spillbarriers are their simplicity! Customers world-wide love the easy-to-use, easy-to-test reliability. All mechanical parts are maintenance-free and only require simple cleaning around the barrier gate. And the barrier, regardless of size, can easily be tested manually.


We offer all the service that is needed to make the anhamm spillbarrier.


Self Closing Flood Barrier™

The Self Closing Flood Barrier SCFB is a unique and effective flood defense system designed to protect people and property from inland waterway floods caused by heavy rainfall, gales or rapid melting snow. Developed in the Netherlands to provide optimal protection against extremely high water levels, these Self Closing Flood Barrier™ systems have already been built and installed in several countries around the globe and have proved to be the best flood protection of their type.

In operational use globally since 1998, the SCFB is acclaimed as the world's most effective passive flood protection system.  The success can be attributed to the simple, but the ingenious concept of using the approaching floodwaters to automatically raise the barrier; effectively using the problem to create the solution. The SCFB is a highly favorable preference when specifying the optimal, most cost-effective passive flood defense.



The SCFB™ provides 24/7 protection. It operates without any human intervention and requires no electricity; SCFB raises instantly utilizing the rising water level, even in the event of a power outage.


The SCFB requires no manpower, but can be manually deployed if desired and for testing purposes.


In resting position, the SCFB is invisible and fully self-protected at it's storage location in the ground. It requires no off-site storage and transport in the case of testing or during a flood situation.


Since the SCFB is utilizing rising water levels to automatically deploy, the barrier will only deploy when there is a flood situation. This allows for short closing times and the protected area to remain accessible until the last moment.


Since the SCFB is stored in the ground at it's point of use, it eliminates the necessity for off-site storage and transport costs during annual testing and deployment. 

Periodic testing can be performed by a single person. The SCFB can be connected to the main water supply or filled by a pump. By filling up the storage pit, the barrier is lifted automatically and ready for inspection.

SCFB Product Specifications


Custom built to match protection requirements.



PUR foam core with fiberglass outer layer fabricated in standard 3' lengths, connected to form the overall length of the wall.

Floating Panels


Long-lasting, durable gaskets that make a 100% watertight connection inside the basin and the guide rails.



Poured concrete or steel basin options delivered complete with wall, support blocks, lids, seals, and closing plate or with connecting flanges for easy assembling to the required lengths.



Pipe Connection, Inspection Pit, Inspection Pit with Pump, Water Runnel, or Water Runnel with Quick Fill System.

Activation Type


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