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About Us

Since 2001, our team has been providing global floodproofing product options and education to design professionals, municipalities, and property owners. Our goal is to provide the best mitigation solutions through complimentary project design analysis.

Smart Vent Products, Inc.

Smart Vent Products, Inc®. was born out of the need to create flood vents - a safeguard mandated by the Federal Emergency Management Agency, the National Flood Insurance Program, and State and National Construction Codes. Beginning in 1986, flood vents were required for use in all enclosed spaces located below Base Flood Elevation. Along with this new requirement came the challenge of moving beyond the verylimited solutions available to create one that was both effective and affordable. Previously, the only solutions available for relief of hydrostatic pressure were air vents, which would clog with debris during a flood event. Determined to provide just that, a draftsman in Avalon, NJ set to work. The answer laidin finding a way to relieve hydrostatic pressure with a product that would work automatically, be bi-directional by allowing for the entry and exit of flood water and allow for debris to easily pass through without clogging a screen or grill.
Further research showed that the design must also be rodent resistant and be constructed with a proven, flood-proof material. Using 316L Marine Grade Stainless Steel, Smart Vent Products, Inc. provided the first-ever line of Engineered Flood Vents. In addition, the company developed the performance testing standards relied upon today providing owners of homes and buildings locatedin the floodplain the peace of mind of knowing that their foundations are protected. After two decades of ICC-ES performance testing, countless floods and hurricanes, and recognition from state, national and federal agencies and organizations, Smart Vent products are proven.
Our team of outstanding and highly trained engineers remains committed to excellence in all we do. Our work continues as Smart Vent’s team of Certified Floodplain Managers and Engineers introduce a new division, The Flood Risk Evaluator™. Its focus is on providing our customers with solutions for reducing the ever-rising flood insurance premiums. We are proud to be owned and operated in the United States of America, with all manufacturing done in Anderson, SC. From our humble beginnings in Avalon, NJ to our worldwide success today, Smart Vent remains true to our principles of providing the best floodplain-protection products and services available industry-wide. 
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