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Floodproof Glass Systems 

Floodproof glass systems are a versatile solution for flood protection, suitable for use in a range of applications, including sea walls, bulkheads, residential and commercial protection, and critical facilities. These systems are tested to withstand up to 10' of water, are hurricane impact-rated, and meet ANSI/FM 2510 standards. Floodproof Glass Systems provide reliable passive flood protection while conforming to architectural design. With no storage or deployment needed, floodproof glass systems offer a convenient and efficient way to protect against flooding.  


Floodproof windows provides a passive flood protection system without compromising the building's aesthetic. These windows come in multiple framing and sizing options, are hurricane impact-rated, and have been tested to withstand up to 10' of water, making them a reliable choice for flood protection.  These complete systems are glazed off-site, are completely customizable and require minimal maintenance.  

Multiple framing options available

Custom Configurations print and tint 

Energy efficient insulated assembly options

Tested water and debris impact


Glass flood walls are a popular option for flood protection in coastal areas. These walls are hurricane and impact rated, providing protection from rising flood waters and debris. They can be used to elevate bulkheads and seawalls without obstructing the view, making them a visually appealing solution for flood protection. Glass flood walls offer a reliable way to safeguard coastal properties against flooding, ensuring protection from the elements without sacrificing the beauty of the surrounding environment. 

Multiple framing options available

Doesn't interfere with walkway or view

Always ready to protect, no need to deploy 

Oversized panels and print options available 

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