Dry Floodproofing

Dry floodproofing products protect your critical assets while providing the flexibility to keep the property open until the last possible moment before an event occurs, providing the fastest recovery time.

A custom-engineered barrier that protects any sized opening against intrusion + flood water damage.

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Custom Door + Window Flood Barriers

Point-Of-Use Flood Barriers

A high-strength fabric wall engineered to withstand rushing or standing water.

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Flood Plank System

Removable aluminum flood wall custom-engineered for larger applications and higher protection.

Custom Perimeter Flood Barrier

A lightweight, reusable, easy to set up flood barrier that rapidly deploys + retracts.


Passive Flood Barriers

A horizontal lift barrier that utilizes flood water to lift itself into position and seals off a building opening during flooding.


Flood Pumps

Dry floodproofing designs require heavy duty pumps that remove water to prevent it from reaching critical spaces.

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A high-strength single or double door barrier engineered to withstand rushing or standing water.

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Standard Door Flood Barriers

Flood Logs

Flood Logs are a modular system designed to withstand high-velocity water loads, as well as being highly resistant to heavy impact forces, and is particularly applicable to hurricane-prone locations. They can be installed across specific openings or as a perimeter defense. 


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A customizable, stackable aluminum flood barrier that is a time-tested solution for flood or hurricane prone locations.

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Standard Perimeter Flood Barrier

A rapidly-deployed, portable flood barrier engineered to withstand rushing or standing water.

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Collapsible Perimeter Flood Barrier

A lightweight + portable flood barrier that deploys quickly with no heavy equipment required.

Flood Window + Glass Barrier

Impact-rated, floodproof windows or walls that provide clarity, beauty, + passive protection at all times.


Hurricane Window Fasteners

A quick, affordable method of attaching plywood panels to windows and doors.

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Utility Flood Covers

A highly durable waterproof sleeve that protects water heaters, furnaces, or boilers from flood damage.

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