Dry floodproofing products protect your critical assets while providing the flexibility to keep the property open until the last possible moment before an event occurs, providing the fastest recovery time.

Point-Of-Use Flood Barriers

Unlike stop log type rigid solutions, Point-of-Use Stored Flood Barriers offer dry flood protection that has been developed to offer significant advantages over other systems. The use of flexible materials enables protective devices that can be packed into very small volumes and stored at their point-of-use (as with roll-up security doors or automotive airbags). This, in turn, facilitates extremely rapid response to deploy protection in an emergency.


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Point-of-Use Flood Barriers

Custom Door & Window Flood Barriers

High-quality door and window flood barriers are encouraged to contain flood waters from entering doors and windows. These flood barriers will successfully prevent any water from entering into any commercial or residential structures.


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Standard Door Flood Barriers

ILC Flex-Cover® Door is a high-strength flood barrier engineered to provide a flood barrier for single or double doors. It provides a watertight and impact resistant barrier by combining a structural frame, water barrier, and impact-resistant layers with advanced compression gaskets. 


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Flood Logs


Flood Logs are a modular system designed to withstand high-velocity water loads, as well as being highly resistant to heavy impact forces, and is particularly applicable to hurricane-prone locations. They can be installed across specific openings or as a perimeter defense. 


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Standard Perimeter Flood Barriers

Muscle Wall® is a portable and reusable consumer flood barrier, made of flexible recycled material. For the same price per foot as sandbags, this perimeter flood barrier unrolls, is easy to assemble and stores in minimal space when the flood threat subsides.

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Custom Perimeter Flood Barriers


Diluvium can easily be pulled out in the event of an emergency. If you live in a flood-prone area, it’s essential to have a line of defense that can be ready for action at a moment’s notice.

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Collapsible Perimeter Flood Barrier

The Rapid-H2O™ flood barrier is an innovative flood control system that is easy to deploy and retract. Once on site, there is no heavy equipment required for full deployment or retraction and the system is reusable, which keeps costs down.

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Passive Flood Barriers

Passive Flood Barrier

Passive Flood Barriers use the advancing floodwaters to automatically raise the barrier; effectively using the problem to create a highly effective solution. As well as activating automatically, they can also be activated by the means of an inflatable airbag remotely operated by a push switch or telemetry system. This allows the end user to have full control over the barrier, enabling deployment in any situation, from pre-empting a storm to routine maintenance checks.

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Floodproof Windows

Fabricated oversized windows and skylights that can be produced in any shape or curve to meet your design and requirements for flood or fire. All products are tested to the limit and beyond the standards of the industry. Innovated and complied with structural, energy, flood, and efficiency regulations arising as a result of the changing climate.


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Flood Pumps


NOW OFFERING Pump Design & Drainage System. Godwin Pumps are the first pumps approved to handle the worlds toughest dewatering task: Flood Protection. Floods are the single most costly natural hazard for businesses, and when the waters rise, there’s no better tool to have on your side than the first pumps FM Approved for flood protection.

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Utility Flood Covers

The Cobia Hot Water Heater and Furnace Flood Covers are designed to protect your utilities from flood and water damage. Deploy in just minutes to keep up to 4-ft. of flood water out and small leaks in with this ICC-ES Certified product line. This engineered, textile composite is made with a flexible PVC outer shell and a high tear resistant polyester reinforcement substrate. Product is flame retardant, waterproof, UV resistant, mold and mildew resistant.


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