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Passive Automatic Flood Barriers

Passive Automatic Flood Barriers are an advanced and effective solution for flood protection. These barriers are automatic, meaning they can deploy as flood waters approach without the need for human intervention or power. This passive flood protection option is always ready to protect without advanced warning, providing peace of mind for property owners in the floodplain. When not in use, the barriers remain hidden and blend into the architectural design of the surrounding area, making them a discreet and attractive option for flood protection.  



As flood waters rise, the FloodBreak Automatic Flood Barrier is lifted to a 90° angle and held closed by hydrostatic pressure, providing a highly effective barrier against flood waters. When not in use, the barrier can be driven and walked over, ensuring ease of use and accessibility. Additionally, their horizontal design allows for a shallow installation set-down, making them an ideal option for properties with limited space or difficult terrain. 

Floodbreak Up.png


The Self Closing Flood Barrier activates as floodwaters rise, raising a buoyant barrier and providing a reliable option against flooding. When not in use, the barrier is concealed within the ground, allowing for uninterrupted use of the protected area. The vertical deployment also allows the barrier to be used to protect openings that larger flood protection products can't fit, making it a versatile and effective flood protection solution. 

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