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Flood Log Systems

The Flood Log System is a highly effective and customizable solution for flood protection. The stackable aluminum flood barriers can be configured to fit any opening and even longer runs, making them an ideal option for protecting a variety of areas and structures from flood waters. With their modular design, the systems can be set at various heights to provide the necessary level of protection. These systems are not just limited to urban environments, as they can also be used to reinforce coast lines against rising tides and storm surges. Additionally, the reinforced foundation of the Flood Log Systems ensures that they can withstand heavy impact and provide durable, long-lasting protection against floods.  


Flood Logs are a time-tested, versatile, and durable flood protection solution made from stackable aluminum logs and gaskets that can withstand heavy impact. They are designed to protect windows, doors, storefronts, or entire perimeters, with the ability to cover the length of any opening up to a maximum height of 9 feet. Flood Logs are easy to initially install and deploy before a storm. 

Color coded for guided assembly

Can accommodate slopes of 20°

Custom dimensions to fit your needs

Aluminum support posts and beams 


Flood Plank Systems are a reliable solution for flood protection in larger applications such as airports, riverfronts, schools, and manufacturing facilities. These systems consist of aluminum flood walls that can be stacked over 20' high for added flood protection. The systems can also be deployed in multi-height increments to meet the specific requirements of the location. Overall, Flood Plank Systems are a versatile and effective solution for flood protection in a range of settings. 

Support posts anchored to reinforced foundation

Support design allows heights to 20'

Custom corner angles, jogs and step-ups

Base plates minimally visible, no protrusions

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