Flood Logs

Floodproofing.com has partnered with National Flood Protection, LLC to bring this innovative
product to the industry.

Flood Log™



The Flood Log system is designed to be highly resistant to heavy impact forces and withstand high-velocity water loads. It is particularly applicable to flash flood and hurricane-prone locations as an effective flood barrier that is backed & supported by a majority of flood insurance companies and government officials. The innovative design makes it easy to install, quick to deploy and aesthetically pleasing when not active. 







The Flood Log system offers one of the lowest reaction times of flood control systems on the market and can be assembled by just one or two people.


The system comprises of a series of "C" shaped support posts and hollow aluminum beams that anchor the flood barrier system. These beams stack on edge with each other with a tongue and groove connection. The bottom beam of each span is fitted with a large rubber seal that makes contact with the surface thereby achieving a watertight seal. The support posts that attach to the building structure can be installed on a removable basis minimizing the aesthetic impact on the building.


A modular, stackable system makes it easy to be installed in specific flood-prone areas of your project, including window openings, across doors and storefronts, as well as an entire perimeter defense against flooding. Because of its modular design, it can run the length of any sized structure with a maximum height of 9 feet and can accommodate slopes of 20 degrees.


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