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Perimeter Flood Barriers

Perimeter Flood Barriers are an effective solution for protecting existing structures. These barriers are portable and can be rapidly deployed to protect against rising floodwaters. They can be connected for extended runs and some models can even be stacked for higher protection. Perimeter flood barriers are designed to surround and divert floodwaters, helping to prevent water from entering the area that needs to be protected. They are suitable for use in a range of settings, including commercial buildings, riverbanks, power plants, and emergency facilities. With their durable design and ease of use, perimeter flood barriers are an essential component of any flood preparedness plan.


With reinforced high strength steel trusses, diamond plated aluminum panels or sheets and a waterproof liner the Geodesign flood barrier is incredibly durable, withstanding hurricane type winds and flooding. This engineered flood barrier provides full height protection that allows for modular setup, compact storage, and quick deployment. Geodesign flood barriers have been a trusted flood solution for 25 years with over 500,000 linear feet of barriers sold in 24 countries. 


Adaptable design conforms to all surfaces


High strength steel and  aluminum


Stackable crates for easy storage and transport

High and Low Density Polyethylene liner options



Muscle Wall is a portable and durable solution designed to withstand rushing or standing flood waters. Their toe design utilizes the pressure from the flood water to further anchor the barrier to the ground, providing added stability. These barriers can be customized to variable heights up to 8 feet, with corner pieces available to allow for 90° turns, making them an adaptable solution for various flood scenarios. This FM Approved mitigation product can replace thousands of sandbags with just a few panels. 

Screen Shot 2023-07-10 at 10.05.05 AM.png

Tongue and groove allows 15° Max Bend

Corner provides 90° turns 

Screen Shot 2023-07-10 at 10.03.55 AM.png

Easily stacked for storage

Versatile wraps for multiple surfaces


Tiger Dam is a versatile solution for protecting properties against flood damage. With their long, flexible tubes that can be filled with water in just minutes, they can be stacked up to 32 feet high and adjusted to any angle, providing customizable protection for various flood scenarios.  This FM Approved flood mitigation option has been thoroughly tested in a variety of situations. 

Rapid deployment when filled using fire hydrant

Screen Shot 2023-07-10 at 10.09.21 AM.png

Stackable up to 32 feet high

Can be connected to fit any length

Can be turned at any angle to fit any shape

Cummer Museum 1.JPG


FloodStop is a unique and rapidly deployable solution for flood protection. These barriers can be linked together for longer connections and only every other barrier needs to be filled with water during deployment, allowing the remaining barriers to fill as flood waters rise. Though designed for long runs, wall return options are available to connect the barrier to the structure. This system can be easily assembled by a single person, making it a convenient and efficient solution for flood protection.  Multiple stock sizes are available for quick purchase and delivery. 

Self-balancing, no bolting required

Alternating barriers fill and empty themselves 

Artwork 367.png

Barriers have gaskets and don't require a liner 

ICONS NEW_Corners.png

Allows for bends, corners and wall connections 

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