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Flood Barrier Panels

Flood barrier panels are an essential tool for protecting properties from the devastating effects of flooding. Quick and easy to deploy, these panels offer peace of mind for property owners in the event of a flood. Whether used to protect residential, commercial, or government buildings, flood barrier panels are a critical component in any flood protection plan.  Many flood barrier options can be conjoined for longer runs or customized to fit a large variety of applications. 


FRA Flood Panels are a completely customizable flood mitigation option, providing tailored solutions to meet the needs of any flood-prone property. These panels can be stacked vertically or connected horizontally to protect larger openings, and can be used to protect doors, windows, drains, storefronts, and driveways. With their versatility and adaptability, FRA Flood Panels offer effective and reliable flood protection for a wide range of applications. Its toolless deployment option is a unique feature that drastically cuts down deployment time. 

Strong composite materials

Custom dimensions to fit your needs

Panels are easy to transport and install

Gasket conforms to uneven surfaces


Dam Easy Flood Barriers are a convenient solution for protecting doors and other larger openings against flood damage. These barriers are ready-to-use and can be installed without adhesives or permanent fixtures, making them easy to remove when no longer needed. Units can be connected to cover wider openings using extension poles that do require minimal installation efforts. Dam Easy can be installed in under 5 minutes, making them ideal for rapid deployment in during a flood event. 

Fits most door openings

Deploys in under 5 minutes

Easy to install, no permanent fixtures

Extension poles available for wider openings 

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