Flood Plank System

Floodproofing.com has partnered with Flood Control America to bring these innovative products to the industry. 

Invisible Flood Control Wall™



The Invisible Flood Control Wall system is composed of gasketed aluminum planks and steel posts which are quickly mountable and watertight. It is erected when flooding is imminent and then easily disassembled and stored, leaving an unobstructed view of the area with no protrusions.The IFCW has extruded aluminum planks that simply slide between the steel supports with a gasket on the “dry” side. During a flood event, the planks fill with water, adding strength and integrity to the whole system while helping to protect against impact loads. The IFCW is manufactured and sourced in the United States and has been analyzed and accepted for use by the United States Army Corps of Engineers, leading to its usage in hundreds of installations, including several US Army Corps of Engineers projects.



One World Trade Center
Holman Field, St. Paul Downtown Airport



Foundation barley visible with no protrusions

Steel support posts + beams to anchor system


Max height 21 ft. May require angle braces.


Several heights + lengths incremental deployment possible


Minimal storage space. Optional rack available.


Two people can easily assemble and disassemble the IFCW as needed. Due to its stackable design, the IFCW can be deployed in smaller increments depending on the situation. If the property is expecting minimal flooding or facing time constraints, a smaller wall could be constructed for that instance. 

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