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Canal St Pump Station designed custom flood gates for the Canal Street Pump Station as part of a multi-million-dollar infrastructure project to strengthen the facility’s resiliency to extreme flood events. Our team consulted on the design requirements and managed the installation.

The hinged gates provide 6 feet of protection at the opening of a concrete perimeter wall around the municipal wastewater treatment plant, located on the Pawcatuck River between Rhode Island and Connecticut. The double-gate design includes a custom removable mid-span support with a very low sill for easy passage of equipment and vehicles. Made of aluminum, the gates are nearly 30 percent lighter than steel doors and are easier to open and close, while strong enough to withstand flood water.

For the Canal Street facility, the steel frame design was integrated into the concrete walls. Before installation, the wall was welded to the sill frame to form an “L” configuration, eliminating the need for field welding. The frame’s sill has a connection plate at the midspan, allowing the installer to mechanically connect it to the mid-span sleeve. The same design was used on both sides of the mid-span support to make the entire installation seamless. The assembly design was also modified to make it easier for the installers to manage the large parts, which made installation more efficient and quicker.

Completion Year 


Westerly, Rhode Island


Commercial Gate

Flood Protection



Hinged Gates

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