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Kiddie Academy

This existing business in West Caldwell, NJ had experienced nuisance flooding multiple times before being a victim of the inundation caused by Hurricane Ida. That was the last straw for the owner who needed to find a solution. She contacted to explore some of the options available for commercial buildings, and wanted something that her staff would be able to deploy quickly and easily. Storage was also a concern, so that was also taken into account. Finally, the Dam Easy® Flood Barrier was presented to her and she knew immediately that it was the perfect solution. 16 Dam Easy Flood Barriers now protect each classroom along with the main entrance door. The system itself is only 31 inches wide, 28 inches tall, and 2 ½ inches thick so she can stow away the panels without taking up too much storage area in her school.

Completion Year 



West Caldwell, NJ


Dam Easy® Flood Barriers

Flood Protection



Dam Easy Flood Barriers (16)

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