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Lister Park

Lister Park is part of the Living with the Bay plan, a HUD CDBG-DR funded project administered by NYS Governor’s Office of Storm Recovery (GOSR). It is is one of seven infrastructure projects selected to improve flood mitigation measures for communities along the Mill River and around the South Shore’s bays. The area suffered extensive flood damage during Hurricane Sandy. The Living with the Bay plan will implement a suite of resiliency, water quality, and drainage improvements to an area along the Mill River. The Village wanted the community to retain easy access to the park and Mill River in addition to protecting the surrounding neighborhoods. In order to do so, FloodBreak® was designed in at 3 different vehicular entryways and one at a pedestrian walkway. They will remain hidden and will only deploy should flooding occur.

Completion Year 



Rockville Centre, NY


Horizontal Passive Flood Barrier

Flood Protection

2'2" - 3'4"


Pedestrian Gate
2 Vehicle Gates
Roadway Gate

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