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Dam Easy Mini Barrier
Garage Kits

The Dam Easy Mini Barrier was designed to fit openings not previously possible with Dam Easy Barriers, including standard US garages. Kits come in two sizes - Single Garage and Double Garage. 

Single Garage (2 Dam Easys, 1 Dam Easy Mini)

  • Coverage Width: 67.65" - 119.35"

Double Garage (4 Dam Easys, 1 Dam Easy Mini)

  •  Coverage Width: 155.3" - 194.3"

Extension Pole 

The Dam Easy® Extension Pole is used to connect the Dam Easy Flood Barriers and Dam Easy Mini Barriers. A core-drilled hole and anchor rod are required for initial installation and allow for the quick installation/removal of the extension pole. A cap can be inserted into the anchor rod when not in use.


6" L anchor with 2" diameter center

Dam Easy Extension Pole (1).png
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