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Eastex Shopping

The existing Eastex Shopping Mall was built decades ago and never accounted for flooding. Due to Houston’s ordinance enhancements and the damage that was found following Hurricane Harvey, not only would the new building need to be dry floodproofed, but the existing building would, as well. The Architect worked hand-in-hand with our Flood Design Team to explore a couple of possible solutions before finally landing on the Custom Door and Window Panel. The Architect then specified the system and connected the Contractor with our Flood Design Team where shop drawings were created, site visits were conducted, and production was initiated. We ensured that the Architect, Contractor, and Building Owner were on the same page during the entire experience and the project went off without a hitch.

Completion Year

November 2021


Houston, TX


Flood Protection

Custom Door + Window Flood Barriers

2.5’ - 3.5' high | 350 sq. ft.


(27) FRA Flood Panels


National Flood Protection

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