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Flood Pumps

Dry floodproofing designs require heavy duty pumps that remove water to prevent it from reaching critical spaces.
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FM Approved Godwin FP Dri-Prime™

A 100-year flood isn’t just a worst-case scenario — it’s quickly becoming the new normal. The Godwin FP Dri-Prime Series pump is specifically designed to help you confidently face the challenge of destructive flooding and prevent flood water from reaching critical building systems and interior spaces. It’s tough, smart, and versatile, and it’s one of the most effective tools in your flood mitigation arsenal.

  • FM Approved (Standard FM 2510)

  • Flow ranges from 500 GPM to over 5000 GPM

  • On trailer, stationary, permanent, installation

  • Multiple suction/discharge branch sizes (4"-12")

  • Diesel drive option available

  • Open set or sound attenuated enclosure

  • Optional remote monitoring & control through Godwin Field Small Technical (FST)

  • Automatic priming (Dri-Prime)

  • Run-dry capability


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FM Approval means these pumps have passed rigorous full-scale riverine simulation testing as well as individual component testing. Additionally, our quality control team tests and certifies pump performance of every FP Series bareshaft pump-end we produce.

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The FP Series consists of four pumps — the FP100, the FP150, the FP225, and the FP300 — and can be used to help protect all commercial and industrial properties with risk of flood damage.

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Built with our exclusive optional Field Smart Technology, FP Series pumps can be monitored and controlled from any device, anywhere in the world. So when hazardous conditions make it challenging to reach your pump, you’ll still have full visibility and control of the situation.

Godwin Wet-Prime Pumps & Sub-Prime

Gasoline Driven Wet-Prime Pumps

Godwin 2” GWP-50HX, 3” GWP-80HX and 4” GWP-100HX Dewatering Pump

Godwin 2” GTP-50HX, 3” GTP-80HX and 4” GTP-100HX Trash Pump

Applications: Construction and industrial, trash-laden water, stream/pond dewatering, septic tanks, flooding, and manholes.

godwin wet-prime pumps.png
godwin wet-prime pumps.png

Electric Submersible Pumps

Godwin GSP05 1/2hp and GSP10 1hp Submersible

Godwin GST05 1/2hp and GST10 1hp Submersible Trash

Applications: Construction and industrial dewatering, flooding, basements, and general dewatering

Inside Installation for Backed-up Stormwater
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