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AC City Hall

Known as the Entertainment Capitol of the Jersey Shore, Atlantic City NJ is where you can find world class casinos, America's first boardwalk, some of the country's best nightlife, and of course, a high risk of flooding. As a result, the government of Atlantic City has been robust in the enforcement of higher floodplain building codes but their existing City Hall fell short of that. Built decades ago, City Hall would regularly close when flood waters would reach it. As a result, FEMA was able to provide a grant to the city in order to protect the structure. After consulting with our Flood Design Team, it was decided that a combination of FRA Flood Panels and ILC Flex Covers would be used to protect 27 different openings up to 6 feet above grade. Now, the City Government and Residents can rest assured knowing that their City Hall will be protected in the next flood event.

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Custom Window + Door Flood Barriers

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FRA Flood Panels

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