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All Wars Memorial Building

The All Wars Memorial Building in Atlantic City NJ was built in 1924 and known then as the Old Soldier's Home. The building was used to house soldiers during their retreats to the seaside community. In World War 2, the building was converted into a hospital for the African American's injured aiding the war effort in Europe. Today, the building is used as an event space for the community and youth for after school programs, conferences, and American Legion gatherings. With that in mind, FEMA chose to fund a flood mitigation grant at the All Wars Memorial Building. was honored to provide FRA Flood Panels and ILC Flex Covers at 14 building openings and protect the building up to 6 feet of flood waters. As a result, the All Wars Memorial Building will celebrate its 100th year in service providing a space for the community to gather while also being protected from the frequent flood waters Atlantic City faces.

Completion Year 



Atlantic City, NJ


Custom Door + Window Flood Barriers

Flood Protection



FRA Flood Panels and Flex-Cover®

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