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Updated: Sep 27, 2022

With the growing need for flood protection as storms and flooding become more common, now offers financing options to help with the cost of mitigation products. What may have deterred home or business owners from purchasing mitigation, now becomes more manageable with an easy process and payment plans.

PITMAN, N.J. - March 23, 2022 announces yet another service to its flood mitigation portfolio with the addition of both residential and commercial financing options for its customers. In an effort to consistently innovate in the flood industry to solve problems, is the first company of the sort to offer this customer-centric option for both residential and commercial applications. partnered with Morehouse Finance and Ascentium Capitol to offer multiple financing options for both residential and commercial customers. Each financing arm offers a variety of easy payment options and a simple application process for anyone interested. This additional service opens the door for many customers who may not want to put the entire cost of flood protection out of pocket. As the frequency and severity of flooding increases, the need to make flood mitigation solutions available becomes more important. "Offering financing for our customers was in an effort to make flood protection affordable for everyone," says Tom Little, President of "Property owners now have a financing vehicle to invest in making their home or building more flood resilient, which will also lead to less flood insurance claims for the industry as a whole."'s goal is to help people at risk of flood protect their homes, buildings, valuables, and families. Many home and business owners resort to hoping they don't get flooded and when it does, they rely on flood insurance to get them on their feet. With financing options now available, their first line of defense can now be flood protection. "Our commitment to flood prone communities is to constantly look for ways to protect more families and business owners from the devastating effects of floods," adds Little. "We are hyper-focused on this mission and our new financing option is another step in the right direction to strengthen flood resiliency nationwide." To learn more about the financing options available, visit For all press inquiries, please reach out to Robert Fisher at

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